There has been NO GST (Goods and Services Tax) added to items for sale on this website.

Items purchased on the website are sold by an offshore supplier (non NZ based). The Australian-based business responsible for, namely “Online Spares Australia”, is currently not required to be registered for GST in New Zealand.

Information available on IRD website in Nov 2019 is that NZ Customs will NOT be collecting GST on low-value-imports (less than NZ$1000) from 1st December 2019 (Charges at the border – chart)

As NZ IRD will not be collecting GST on low value imports (see website link above), and the supplier for this website is not required to be registered for GST at time of sale for sales into NZ, any purchases made for less than NZ$1000 on THIS WEBSITE should be GST-free, whereas sales on other online platforms might include GST. The amount of GST payable to NZ Customs, if any, can be checked on NZ Customs website using link below:

Additional Information

Links to additional NZ Customs and GST information:


As the supplier is not responsible for NZ taxation legislation, they cannot guarantee if the information above is still current, and therefore accurate. Purchasers are encouraged to use the “what’s my duty estimator” to check if GST applies before continuing.